Odyssia Festival develops in and around a wooden ark one and a half hour drive distance from the city of Athens, on the beach of a small fish village, at a secluded bay of the Corinthian Gulf.

Our little friends will have the chance to play games on the beach and the sea, explore the surroundings, discover the the mysteries of the bay in organised tours with guiding signs, and visit the taverns on the beach located to both sided of the Cariocas Ark, together with their parents.

Fresh made juices and snacks will wait for you in special prices at the Cariocas.


Odyssia is the most ancient poem known in human history!
It explores the meaning of life and our journey though it by using a time measured, harmoniously written speech.
A music hymn to the human efforts, it is more than just luck that it activates a special game of music and time that is hosted at the festival for the first time!

Tic Tac Toe music goes by!
The game started with the collaboration of two primary school teachers, Sofia Boni and Maria Vitsa. It was created during the “flexible zone” of the D1 class of the 9th Primary Public School of the municipality of Agios Dimitrios, located to the Southern Suburbs of Athens.
The game aims to familiarise the kids with the sense of time by devepoling the sense of collaboration and team work.
The game is based on a map of call to action steps moving forward across the timeline and combines the educational knowledge with the creation of artworks in a way so it can be played from many kids simultaneously. Parents and grown ups are become part of the game as well… in no time!

In this way, all playing the game are getting to know each other and gain experience in both arts and scientific levels, thus keeping the interest alive and kicking for all ages!

Music and lyrics wrote by the children, scientific informations, popular quotes and sayings, painting and handcrafting create a unique game, which aims to add a piece of substantial quality to arts and education as known today.

Odyssia hosts the game in this summer edition and Sofia will be there with her gift, play with you and share the experience!

All the afore services are free of charge!


Sunday is the last day of the festival and is devoted to the family.

Dad, mam, the kids, grandpa and grandma, they all have a special reason to want to share moments of happiness and joy, moments unique, and humanized.

We all find our own special interest to explore in Odyssia and have this presented as a gift to ourselves. Then we can all join under the music into one, by creating brand new bonds with the greater family of the Odyssian community.

While the Sun goes down, and the music goes up, the KIDSRECIPIES are taking over your children’s fun and action!
While you will be dancing under the grooves of your favorite DJs and bands, Kleopatra Koliou, creator of the KIDSRECIPIES, has designed two magical worlds inspired from Odyssia that promise to be the cherry on top of the unforgettable experience our little friends are about to live!

The 3-hour entertainment programs for kids of 4-10 years of age are waiting for you to choose them!

Are you a 4-7 year old and want to live the pirates’ life?
Hold your compass, your secret and get on board!
Beautiful Matilda takes in charge and along with her Captain Laidback, the barrels of rum, the Indian Fakir, the ridle of the Scottish parrot, and more clues lead you to the sea sucker of Katrina that holds with on secret maps of lost and hidden treasures….
An exciting voyage to the global map with eleven (!) different games that welcome the small pirates to test their endurance, minds, imagination, and team playing.

Are you a 7-10 years old and feel likening several light years away from earth?

Get on board the Skylab for the Space Odyssey!
Myramyde and Hambatous, from the musical constellation of Lyra, ant the Thalamon robot are waiting for you!
Go for Safari at the neighborhoods of Mars! The planetary mixer, the interstellar concert, the space bowling, are just a little taste of the Odyssey our little space travelers are about to experience.
A fantastic voyage to the mysteries of the universe develops in 12 interactive games that shall lift up earthlinks and friendly creatures through tests of endurance, resonation, memories created in a fantasy world.

Choose your game and come to live your own myth!

2 imaginary voyages in and beyond the sphere of our planet
multi-diverse academic material, games, and actions.
Opportunities for relaxation and entertainment for the whole family can be found also further out the Kid’s Town Park, and will be running throughout all the days of the festival.

More info:

KIDSRECIPIES games will be played from 5 till 8 pm throughout Sunday, in a designated children safe area, specially designed to host the games.
During the games, the kids will be offered juices and snacks. Besides the entertainment personnel, dedicated Odyssian volunteers will communicate fast and securely with you in case you little precious wants to see you… while you are dancing 🙂

All games are free besides KIDSREIPIES where there is a limited seats service available.

For more info and bookings please contact at 6944230594 (mr. Bill).