The doors open at 9 am for all our friends, both young and old. The first Odyssian families arrive at the festival.

From early morning, exercises of physical and spiritual well-being, Pilates and yoga for children and adults come in harmony with music selections and create the right atmosphere for activating empathy and the continuation of the journey.

The games in the sea and the festival area interfere with the talks of our scientific collaborators, psychotherapy, ecology, theater, visual arts, creative games and workshops build up our appetite, while recognised chefs care to satisfy it by catering our delicious food.

As the sun falls, the young children continue to play, entertain themselves and socialize in the specially designed fairytale world created according to our amazing team of cooks that know hot to read mysterious game recipes, the pop-up stores create the local market, and a little further the World Cup’s final dominates and invites us to participate in the joy of the greatest ball game with live description from the festival area and many surprise gifts for the young and the old!

As the sun sets, the LOVESICK duo, Cariocas’ residents for 20 years and inspirers of Balloonation, choose cosmic music and interpret them in their own way, causing vibrations in the air and warming the dancefloor to welcome Colleen COSMO Murphy, David’s close friend and collaborator, the selector of the night!

The music gets louder, the dance begins, young and old we all become one, an Odyssian family that shares love and declares present in the hope and power we have to make happier, more conscious the people around us and even farther, starting from within, playing and learning to have a good time primarily with our own inner child.

The best in a party always happens in the end, so stay as late as possible, experience the whole journey, ideally wake up with us and enjoy on Monday the calm sea of our small bay that will accompany us to the decompression as we will recall the magical moments that we will have lived all the previous days of the festival.

We will start our return to everyday life having some of the magic dust of the festival in our luggage to sprinkle it every day and regenerate the simplest and most beautiful joys of our lives until the next time we meet again. The festival may be over, but summer is just beginning.


Life is a Game! If you forget how is to live like a child, you forget to live!
Stelios is a big artist that holds within a small kid.
His unique sculptures from pencil scraps and his interest on non linear systems (you can find more about those here) , are combined amongst other things with his one big love which is…. gaming!

How are all the connected together? How little and crazy, real Odyssian are you? This you are about to find out!

Stelios with his team Unwaste Coffee are funs of the Odyssian principle of gamification and create games for grown ups, attendees are about to participate without any time limits (remember? Odyssia is a destination beyond time!).

Unwaste coffee’s Gift to the festival is a mind trippy game inspired from Odyssia in exchange of knowledge for us and our environment, and finally the present of getting to know a little more of ourselves!

As Stelios says, it is all about a game with our favourit products we consume, transformed into pieces of art, and us, who we enjoyed those products and wish to to continue traveling with them towards a better future.

The game has 4 stations (ECO GAME – FULL TRACE – STORY MAKING – ZERO WASTE) and it has already presented in international institutes with significant success.

Especially for the festival, the participants will go th e ECOGAMES spot and while playing the game, they will unlock each time a unique story, that’s meant to accompany them across their life span!

Story telling

Sofia adds to the Odyssians’ gaming experience and share her stories written for grownup!
The narrations will take place during the festival.

You can explore more interactive artworks and calls to action by following us on facebook.

More games are added up everyday!

Odyssia continues!