ODYSSIA International Festival returns to the coasts of Greece with its fourth edition. The so-called "ODYSSIA FOUR TO THE FLOOR” edition, is here to inspire and illuminate the paths of our soul, while the Odyssey journey continues with a new adventure.

Our active and lively spirits will be able to show their love, admiration and respect for the one and only immaterial form of art that mankind has met. The art that is at the top of the pyramid of the arts and looks at us uniquely, through its hyper natural, magical prism. MUSIC.

Our bodies will dance under the summer sun and the stars of the Attic sky, while ODYSSIA invites us to discover the power and symbols of the number of stability, order and integration, the number of earth and humanity, the quantum number , the number that marks the strong foundations, the four spikes of the pyramid shapes, the Odyssian myth of Circe, the sound of four beat Detroit Techno and the sound of Shelter and the New York House.

Come to discover together the musical power of 4 !

Limited tickets available for this event.

More information coming up very soon.

Watch a video with memories from the past editions.