3d EYE edition highlights a historical moment for the party experience in Greece.

BALLOONATION launches in Odyssia and the myth begins.

Sea, music, games for the little and the old ones in a long weekend of chilling and relaxation, full of miracles and adventures await the whole family at Schinos. How does it sound to come with your kid or kids and live the festival to its fullest with you having nothing to worry about?

The only thing that limits an Odyssian of any age to enjoy the festival is his/her imagination!

Odyssia festival opens its gates to ALL ages for WE ARE ALL KIDS.

If you have kid or kids enter here.

If you want to discover the kid’s heart that’s hidden inside you, enter here.

Balloonation at Odyssia Festival

Balloonation at Odyssia Festival


We made our first flight, we reached the universal ends, we flirted with the sun and the moon and it’s time to return home.

What is the ideal home?

A home full of love, childish smiles, grateful for happy cohabitation, the opportunity for allegiance and understanding, a house that opens its doors and celebrates adult innocence, selfless interest, realization of dreams, a home experiencing the beauty of truth, a home full of games, music, dancing, joy, our own home, the Odyssian home!

The Sunday of Odyssia is dedicated to home and family.

We will take off again, this time towards our centre, seeking contact with the family.

Odyssia hosts the ideal project that could make all of the above, a reality: Balloonation.

A few words about Balloonation:

Balloonation is the most important and the most ambitious project of Odyssia’s founding team, and this is the focus of its contribution to children through a series of charity activities inspired by the legendary family parties that began in the 70’s in the Loft of New York by a wonderful man, David Mancuso, who is our mentor.

The overall experience is a playful prism that reflects the phrase “We are all children!”

We create the pleasant climate that will welcome the child we all hide inside and invite it to come out.

We enter a fairy-tale world, we dance, we laugh, we have fun, free of our everyday life routines.

We cleanse our minds and keep it open, so it can get new information and a different perhaps perception – approach to how simple and how easy it is to become better people.

On the basis of this prism is the fourth prism, the music, which takes care of the activation of its peak, with the help of the sources of light, the sun, the disco ball with the thousand mirrors that reflect the colors, the colorful flags, garlands of lights and of course the balloons and the people who adopt each one of them, while we all travel together in a festive dimension outside the established ones, discovering ourselves and our relationship with what we call life.

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