“Art,” Picasso once said, “washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”.

Odyssia’s vision is not easy to put into words.

Instead of that, we wish to manifest an open invitation to the festival’s community, while trusting in togetherness for all of us to envision today those we desire for our future to bring.

Odyssia welcomes all sentient beings to feel the vision of a pioneering festival that senses there is a certain need for humans to open the road to a different way of entertainment, addressed to one “glocal” audience that shares amongst other characteristics, the love for the immaterial top in the pyramid of arts, music.

All forms of life attending the festival are totally trusted and treated as Odyssian Beings of the Species.

All enlightened beings and welcome to offer their gifts of love and share what they hold within, with the rest of the Odyssian community.

For that reason, during the time of the festival, Odyssia hosts a special line of workshops, talks and other activities for people wish to learn more and experience the ways to contribute to the community.

The more you know about the Odyssian Community, the more you will enjoy the festival while being there!

Have a look at Odyssia Community’s Principles here.

It is the perfect point to get inspired and start creating your own Odyssian journey, you own Odyssian experience!