Odyssia celebrates creativity. Each year a number of contemporary artists from several countries participate in the festival with their gifts.

This year especially, with the 3d EyeTheme, the artists are inspired by the synthesis of physical vision with noetic by putting together tangible and intangible elements found in nature, without limits!

Collaborate Artists include:

Pascal Verzijl
Verzijl produces collages with coloured material with no particular historical or artistic style, but with strong graphic quality. By inserting basic facial features (eyes, lips, half a face, beak) he brings a human touch to the world we inhabit. His collages remind us of the faces created by the German Dadaist Hannah Höch. Just like her masterful collages from hundred years ago, Pascal Verzijls work responds to the viewers desire to recognise a face or a body as soon as there is a hint of a creature emerging out of the mist. With his work today, he places an surprisingly arresting kind of animism in the modern society and plays with the soullessness of it.

Links: Facebook , Tumblr

Trash Riot
My real name is Terry Ringler, AKA (TRASH RIOT).I am originally from Philadelphia, living in Maryland at the present time. I started making Collages about
10 years ago, some cut and paste, but mostly it’s been digital work. I really became involved because my wife started making collages. I really wasn’t interested in starting a business out of it. It kind of just evolved as people wanted to know where they could buy my work!

Links: Society 6 . Redbubble

I am a designer and freelance artist Vadim Karasev (aka Karaska), born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. I came into the art through the years of searching for myself. My pictures are directly influenced by the books I read. In my student years I had a fascination with the books of Nietzsche, Carlos Castaneda, Jorge Luis Borges. After several years of study and work as an engineer, I realized that for me important things in life is a creative process. I learn and try to be better. This is the most amazing journey, journey into the depths of myself.

Links: Tumblr


Landart Installations

Paris Koutsikos
Paris Koutsikos is the curator and illustrator of this year’s edition. For that purpose he have chosen selected artworks from Baskiet, Blaz, Karraska, Trashriot.

Links: Website

During the festival, he will also create live, land art works, his favourite “monsters” inspired by the Odyssian mythology, using nature’s elements like stones, kladia, bushes etc).

Composing ideas for creating sculptures, from “useless” items, will be at your disposal for anyone who desires to create his own sculpture in the middle of nature! Any Odyssian who wants can participate on this effort!

Sculpture – The world’s biggest fish, Tree of Life, Sea of Magnets

World’s biggest fist
Stelios is working with transforming of things we consider of having zero value to our everyday lives, and turn them to valuable pieces of art. During the festival, the visitors will have the rare opportunity of seeing in close his fish, which is the biggest sculpture of on single pencil cut in the world!

Links: Facebook

Tree of life
For the second year, the Tree of Life will be waiting for us to decorate it with our wishes and best of thoughts. Follow the “post what you like to share” signs and discover it! Post what you like to share and make the tree of life to breath again!

Sea of magnets
Magnetic mediation, a work of art and action with magnets, which entails a puzzle of wishes and prayers for all the people of the world, no matter their religion, nationality and cultural identity, will take place during this festival. The goal of this piece of art is that its visitors will place a piece of “wish-magnet” at the puzzle board so as to make it – when it is completed – a wall covered in artistically – made wishes. These wishes will activate, through the participants and the spectators who will read them, the whole universe for a better world, full of love, peace, amity and prosperity. The magnet as a material unites and brings us together. Thus, magnets conceptually and practically through this action – piece of art, will unify people this time and their true desires for global solidarity.

Odyssia is not just about arts. It’s a way of living! During the daytime, visitors have the chance to play games and live like an Odyssian, while enjoying outdoor activities. Discover those activities here!