“Why cover the same ground again? It goes against my grain to repeat a tale told once, and told so clearly.”

Homer | The Odyssey


Finding your place in the world. Friendship, Companionship, Love, Hospitality, Roots, Home, Music, Adventure…

Odyssia is a journey that love and faith put us through so that we could discover ourselves and open our hearts to experience what the divine has to offer. A destination beyond time.

A journey like the one Ulysses, the hero of Homer’s Odyssey has made, is a life journey inside feelings. Upon this idea, Odyssia festival was born. Odyssia is meant to be a non-stop spiritual journey to the inner self, through arts.

More people have been added up to the team every day. People believing in Odyssia and adding their energies to the festival’s vision that is to make the change and become a pioneer with regards to the neoteric, progressive social cultural festivals.


In Homer’s Odyssia, time is a self-constructed meaning. The destination is a personal decision. It takes a journey to give your heart the palm and the space to open. Ulysses’ journey is full of parables and symbolisms;  it lasts 10 years instead of 10 days; he experiences difficulties, challenges, that he has to surpass so that he could finally meet his beloved ones and get his wife and his homeland back; in order to get his life back.
Uncountable poets, writers, painters, scientists, philosophers, all kinds of sensitive and spiritual human beings around the world have been inspired by Odyssia, this remarkable piece of art.

“As you set out for Ithaka
Hope the voyage is a long one,
Full of adventure, full of discovery.”
Ithaca | Constantine Peter Cavafy | Egyptian Greek poet, journalist and civil servant.

This inspiration derives not just because of the kind of destination (the home) or the Ulysses himself (the hero).

It is because of the values that this epic poem introduced to us all. Ulysses is the wanderer. What makes us feel alive? An Omen? A Challenge? A Journey? A true experience? A great love? Whatever it is, there is no repeat to it, but an eternal pattern that vibrates and awakens our bodies and souls.

Each moment is unique and part of the patterns designed for the soul to rise. Any given time.

“Why cover the same ground again?

“It goes against my grain to repeat a tale told once, and told so clearly.” Homer | The Odyssey


In general, musical expression reached its completeness and perfection in Ancient Greece; its divine origin and complex melodies served as exemplars for the centuries to come. Perhaps the presence and huge importance of music in the “Odyssey” were just inevitable, given the fact that, in a way, all the epics represent a reflection of the real word.

Homer puts great emphasis on music’s power and influence in the ancient history.

“Arts are not to blame – Zeus is to blame.” Homer | The Odyssey

Music and poetry are compared to Gods.


Apart from music, any form of art, especially theatre and dance was considered to be a very healing procedure in ancient times.
Nature has its very special place as well in Odyssey. The winds, the seas, the islands, the animals all play a significant role and are honored as vital elements of the divine art  in Ulysse’s Journey.


All these keep inspiring Odyssia to understand Music as being the main medium to interact with all elements of nature and the energy of Schinos Bay, thus become the best vehicle to free yourself and rediscover unknown feelings and treasures together with parallel activities that take place during the festival.

With a strong will for radical expression, creativity, forward thinking, and an ecological approach on humanity and the traces to leave behind, the people are involved with Odyssia and inspired from a unique ancient epic poem, like so many people have been inspired so far, to share the vision of identifying the real purpose of life, the destination where one can find the one and only truth.

For this to happen each one of us must first go through his own Odyssia and explore, discover and realize, what truly empowers the journey of life.

Discover the power of true love.