Visual activities, happenings, installations (Land and Space Art), lectures and workshops will be hosted through numerous side cultural events by Odysia Festival, with the support of SCI «Implode» and curators Raftogiannis Vassilis, Maria Maroulakou, Constantina Psomadakis, George Georgiou and Ifigeneia Papadatou.

The project relates to the call of recognized and upcoming talented artists from Greece and abroad to present their work with themes inspired by Odyssey and the local topography / tradition of Schinos village in Corinthian bay, where the festival will be held.  The project is entitled “Call of the Sirens”.

The connection of sound and music’s power as expressed through the epic poem (Odyssey), the archetype of the “Call of the Sirens”, the verse performance of the archetype, the depiction of elegance through artistic creation and the contribution to the community and ecological awareness are the pillars of the festival, which aims to enable visitors and participants in various activities, so they become not only participants, but co-makers of this broader unified experience, which aims to highlight the beauty and the dream of the inner self’s travel. Our personal Odyssey aiming at the discovery of our own Ithaca.

How common might be this inner destination? What is the vehicle that makes this journey free from all forms of borders and time constraints? How the destination becomes commonplace, source of bliss for the rational creatures of the kind? The archetype of Love offering, is expressed artistically and acts as a spiritual catalyst for the discharge from the static routine thus leading to the creation of a unique mosaic of experiences, aimed at reinventing the “traveler” is hiding inside each one of us. All activities will be open to the public with free access and will welcome the visitors of all ages to participate and interact. The program aims to strengthen 3 main axes:


Due to the rapid development of technology, guest artists, working in the field of modern digital composition, make use of the most modern tools in order to derive the primary material of their work from the natural sonic resources offered on site. From the mountain to the sea and the ancient monuments to the urban landscape, the young artists will creatively use the natural resources available in the region of Schinos in Corinth, in order to highlight the local culture and heritage.


Investing more in developing an academic profile, an important element for the art activities of the Odyssia, will be the organization and implementation of educational workshops, to obtain a further spiritual alertness and vigilance for all participants who will have the opportunity to attend for free. The workshops are open to all regardless of their educational level and age; no particular musical or other education are required, only the personal motivation to create. Particular attention will be paid to the participation of ypoung students, and the presentations will focus on strengthening the creative thinking and the promotion of the ecological sensitivity, amongst others.


The main feature of this project is to create a development model, combining the cultural heritage of Greece with the modern creations of music, technology under a pioneering tourism trend. Aiming at the cooperation of Greek and foreign artists, producers and performers, the main concern of this project is to share the outcome of the Odyssian community with other international artistic organizations and communities, through which  the participating projects will be presented and exposed to a wider “friends of arts” audience, while the project promotes the local culture and reveals Schinos as a classical/modern unique tourist destination.


Occasion: Odyssia Festival 2016
Date: 30th August – 5th September 2016
Place: Cariocas, Schinos, Corinth, Athens, Greece

Assignment: Performance Arts, Installations, Visual Arts, Spiritual and Physical Arts
Application Deadline: July 25th, 2016
Festival’s Title: Odyssia
Festival’s Theme: The Siren’s Call

Odyssia offers you the opportunity to attend the festival for free and experience an unforgettable journey in return of your priceless creation.

Keywords: Odyssey. Voyage. Ageless. Moral. Endurance. Ethos. Survival. Divine. Myths. Legends. Sacrifice. Faith. Labyrinth. Time. Space. Life Journey. Adventure. Loyalty.

Odyssia Festival invites artists, thinkers, writers and people who enjoy moments of creation to participate in its 2016 occasion. We seek people inspired by Homer’s Ancient Greek Epic poem, Odyssey. More about Odyssia and further brief, you can find at our website:

We encourage you to submit proposals and ideas linked with everyman’s journey through life. How do you connect Ulysses’ endless voyage with everyday life experiences? Think about myths and legends, time and space, ethos and sacrifice and express your ideas by presenting and creating works inspired by these concepts. Participants may instigate and participate in collaborative projects, or work independently.

Medium: installations, paintings, sculptures, workshops, exhibitions, performances, projections, graffiti, street arts.

Instructions: Please send your candidacy application to until August 10th, 2016.
Email topic: Your name, performing arts.
Zip your application and proposals.
(name the folder name_medium) e.g IfigeniaPapadatou_installation.

Materials: We encourage artists to use recycled material and resources provided by the given space. However, every proposal will be considered separately for its requirements in terms of materials and funding.

Locations: Upon the bay of Schinos, lies a secluded, handcrafted beach bar with an 18-year legacy, Cariocas. There are six (6) locations around Cariocas (Schinos bay) where art performances will take place, while the most awaited international music festival “Odyssia” will be run.

1. The “Lounge Area”: Area in Cariocas (to be transformed)
2. The “Journey”: Path from beach to mountain
3. The “Spot”: Specific place on the path, where you can see the great view of the bay
4. The “Stop”: Same as spot
5. The “Dome”: A plateau on the mountain, where most of the performances will take place
6. The “Space”: The sky and the airspace in front of the bay.

Offer package includes:

• 2 free tickets for the festival worth 280 euros
• Free transport to the festival
• Accommodation and food
• Access to four boat / secret beach parties during the festival
• Workshops and side events 50% discounted prices
• Drinks on the bar in special prices
• Sponsoring opportunities
• Mention on Official Odyssia site with personal artist’s profile
• Professional footage (video, photography and interview) coverage of your “gift” to the Festival

*if your creation demands extensive work labor, or demands materials or any other added costs please describe on the application form.

One basic rule:
When festival ends, leave no trace!

Direct Contact: Maria Maroulakou, Cultural Curator, Odyssia Festival, cell phone: 6934 503 940