Outdoor Activities Mountain Trekking

Throughout your time at Odyssia Festival your fun won’t just be limited to the “land”.

Mountain Trekking


The only thing a visitor has to do in order to be impressed is to lift his eyes to the towering summit ridges of the Geraneia Mountains and to watch the contrasts and the beauty of the Landscape. This is a beauty, which fascinates and revives soul and mind alike, while at the same time recalling memories that go back into the depths of the centuries. Amid this idyllic tranquillity and among these verdant mountains, the traveler will find ravines and caves, will wander across plateaus and down to tiny natural harbors, will rejoice in the rustling of the leaves and savoir the aromas of thyme, wild flowers, and fir ­and will find shelter in picturesque churches and monasteries, offering thanks to God for what He has created.
To walk among the wooded slopes and rugged peaks of the Geraneia range is like to embark upon an unforgettable journey back through time, into the legends and history of the area. Nowhere is the course of that journey better recorded than in the wealth of historic monuments that serve as witnesses to the past and bridges between yesterday and today. In this place to which pilgrims flock, there are countless lonely chapels and monasteries clinging to the sides of gorges or half-hidden in the dense forest, testifying to man’s constant and tireless efforts to communicate with that which he holds divine.


Dennis is a very experienced sportsman who has been running the mountains of Greece, in the most extreme ways. He will be your guide and has designed a special 3 hour tour for those who wish to explore the Gerania.


The trecking rout is easy to middle difficalty level – all can participate! Admission cost is 5 euros per person and you can purchase your ticket here.



Massage Sessions will run daily from 14:00 till 20:00 at the VIP area.

Dennis is a true expert in massage therapy! Look out for him and reach for his advice for a vigorous massage session that will rejuvenate your body and mind and keep you fresh on the dance floor like a teenager Michael Jackson!