Djing is a form of Art.
Respect and study the greats.
MuSiC is Life

First vinyl he gets his hands on in the early 80’s, the soundtrack of the film Saturday Night Fever from the personal collection of his father. It follows the Thriller of Michael Jackson, and his first musical step in the wonderful world of vinyl with his turntable Sansui, it’s a fact.

His musical orientation was always close to the rhythms of classic Soul, RnB Funk & Boogie with artists such as Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder to make an early appearance on his personal vinyl collection.

In the early 90’s comes the first great experience at the athenian club scene playing at Arena Club mainly on Saturday’s.

In the mid ’90’s he’s going abroad, where he completes his studies in Economics with Information Systems at the University of Manchester, while experimenting with internet radio. He lives out the legendary music scene of Manchester & London until the early 2000’s but he deals entirely and professionally with Djing after his return from Manchester, Uk.

While back in Athens, in 2000, he starts collaborating with many clubs and bars of the athenian night life with some major residencies. The musical taste of his DJ sets all these years are a combination of Disco and Soulful House.

You can catch him at his favorite Athenian radio show DISCOver at EnLefko 87.7 FM every Sunday night from 22:00 to 00:00, selecting a mosaic of Disco, Soul and Boogie.

The motto of his life all these years, Love Saves The Day.

LoVe PeAcE and MuSiC