Soulfella.Z aka Dizharmonia is one of the main representatives of Deep House and

Techno Music Scene in Greece.

Started his career by the age of 17 in small bars and clubs but really fast he managed to

establish his presence in the country’s Electronic Music scene.
He had residencies at the main dance clubs of Athens like

Discotech,Cabaret,Animal,Dybbuk, while now he still has his residency for Pixi and

Mikro Official.

He is the owner of one of the most famous labels in Greece called Madison Square
Records while as a producer he has releases in major international labels like
Dialtone,Erase,Neurotraxx,Blindfold, Making you Dance,Capital Heaven and many more

under the name of Dizharmonia mostly his new producing project.
Through the years he has already managed to play in big Dance Clubs and stages plus

electronic music festivals all around the world like
Wildflower(Toronto),Rooms(Florence),Ammos(Larnaca)Beach House
Festival(Athens),Future Beats Festival(Athens),Cavo Paradiso(Mykonos).