Without a doubt the most long-term and famous Greek DJ. The innovative mindset that is Mikee, considered one of the pioneers on the Greek Techno scene.

Going back to 1993 Mikee began his musical journey into DJing as a resident DJ at Factory Club in Athens. Inspired from Detroit underground techno sounds, the underground house of Chicago and New York and afro beats, combined with his wide music knowledge he created a unique tribal tech house/techno style of his own which made him push his sound a little bit more to the diverse techno DJ sets everyone now recognizes In the underground scene of Athens.

Mikee quickly started to promote his own Club nights in Athens along with his partner Lorenzo and in a short period of time ‘qbase’ nights became the most famous and prestigious Club nights in town. Since then he has being as a resident to all the infamous underground clubs in Greece (Factory, Qbase, Umatic, Blend), Mikee is now on the leading team of Blend events which is currently the one big promoter in the Greek territory.

In mid 2001 he had the chance to write the music for a theatrical play in Athens. He joined the “Theater of the South” and wrote the entire music for the show “God is a DJ” by the German author Falk Richter. In 2009 he had the opportunity to write the music for another one theatrical play, collaborating this time with the theatrical group ‘OPERA’ and wrote the music for Moliere’s ‘MISANTHROPE’.

Playing along-side in-numerous times with world’s ‘biggest’ DJs like: Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, Marco Carola, Jeff Mills, Kevin Saunderson, Adam Beyer and so many others, Mikee’s experience is the key to success.

2014 was the year that his label ‘Deep Phase’ was established along with Greek dj/producer Tech1ne, focusing to minimal tech, techno and tech house sounds, aiming to release quality underground music, coming from the minds and hearts of talented producers worldwide. The label quickly became one of the most uprising underground labels.

Mikee’s future is looking forward and promising as he is entirely focused in his studio work. Production-wise , his style is stripped down flavored, with numerous releases on labels such as: Street King, Nite Grooves, Maya Records, Kinetika, InFact recordings, Gothic Disco, Mr. Carter, Beat Therapy, Pattent Skilz, Amazing Lab, and many more.

For him the top peak of his DJ career was the invitation of London’s most famous underground club Fabric along with top class DJs and producers. Since then he has been a resident DJ at various Clubs including U-matic and on Blend and Deep Phase events. This season Mikee is appearing again as the resident DJ at BLEND events, as well as at DEEP PHASE events and in numerous clubs in Greece and abroad.

During 2017 the freeshiest tunes by MIkee will be out on many labels and the hype doesn’t stop here…


S&M Project (aka Mikee & DJ Savage) – Northern South EP [kin 017]
Mihalis Safras & Mike Harris (aka Mikee) – Blending Rhythms Ep [funktion 07]
Mikee (Athens) – Confused EP [mrcarter 05]
Mikee (Athens) – Wrong House [MAYA089]
Mikee (Athens) – Techniques Ep [AR 016]
Mikee (Athens) – Between The Lines [InFact 034]
Mikee (Athens) – I Fall EP [KNG451]
Mikee (Athens) – Drumosphere EP [gdisc010]
Mikee (Athens) – Dig ‘n’ Bass / Into U [AR026]
Mikee (Athens) – Infection Ep [Kinetika 47]
Mikee (Athens) – U R Not Alone EP [KNB014]
Mikee (Athens) – Black Is A Statement [DEN 008]
Mikee (Athens) – Reloaded [DPH001]
Mikee (Athens) – Conviction [KR027]
Mikee (Athens) – The Funky EP [HOL112]
Mikee (Athens) – Conventional Truth EP [KNB029]
Mikee (Athens) – One Love [DPH025]
Mikee (Athens) – Jackin / Suction [INFCAT039]

On Compilations

VA – Deep In Tech Sampler Ep [kNG431]
VA – After Hours: Ibiza 2013 [KSD229]
VA – Amsterdam 2013 [KSD235]
VA – Summer Season, Vol.1 [AR 022]
VA – Ibiza Volume II [kinetika68]
VA – New Breed of Deep House Vol. 3 [KSD246]
VA – Carpetbag of Deephouse [Hero In My Hood 10072768]
VA – Miami 2014 Sampler [KNB017]
VA – Underground, Pt. 2 [AMAL020]
VA – Last Minute Puzzle Vol. 75 [PSLMP075]
VA – Beat Therapy Vol.9 Compilation [NTR138]
VA – Phase 01 Compilation [DPH010]
VA – The best Of Last Minute Puzzle 2015 [PSTBOLMP2015]
VA – The Deep Side Of Berlin, Vol. 3 [SEAOFSAND043]
VA – WMC 2016 Compilation [DEN051]
VA – Underground Pt2 [AMAL020]
VA – Deep Phase Sonar [DPH020]
VA – Deep Phase Stars [DPH030]
VA – Deep Phase Stars (The Remixes) [DPH031]
VA – Sonar Sampler 2017 [KNB054]
VA – Deep Phase Sonar 2017 [DPH037]


Pach DJ – Global Apocalypse (Mikee’s Solito remix) [SK185]
Abnormal Boys – Don’t Play Hide And Seek (Mikee’s ‘Bring The Music On Mix’ / Mikee’s ‘Groovy mix’) [OM037]
Babah – Love You Deep (Mikee’s Grooves remix) [CORE audio 10070013]
Liquid Light – Starchild (Mikee’s Sueno remix) VA – Reform 5 [BBRCOMP18]
Nikola Gala – Life Is Too Short (Mikee’s Groove remix) [DPH004]
Tech1ne – Existence (Mikee’s remix) [HOL075]
Lorenzo Blender – Dream (Mikee’s Dirty Dreams remix) [DPH006]
Sysex (Athens) – Estoy Libre (Mikee’s remix) [DPH017]
Pedro Costa – Reincarnation (Mikee’s + Tech1ne’s remix)
Nicholas – Complete (Mikee’s Groove Remix) [KNB041]
Mehmet Ozbek – The Magus Mikee’s Groove Remix [DPH022]
Dani Sbert – El Greco (Mikee (Athens) + Tech1ne remix) [DPH034]

Many more productions and remixes are scheduled to be released in 2017

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