Record Labels:

Monique Musique / Canada
Unlock Rec. / Argentina
Arjaus / Argentina
Greelpound Records / Italy
Akbal Music / Mexico
Datagroove / Spain
Sound Mass / Istanbul
Homage / Poland
Blaq Records / Mexico

Michalis Manolakos aka Manolaco born in Athens, Greece in 1983.
He started practicing music from a very young age. At the age of nine he began music studies in a local music school. For the next seven years he studied theory and harmony of music and practiced his keyboard skills as well.

At the age of thirteen his first major influence was West Coast Hip Hop and Detroit House music. He was also influenced by Big Beats, Soul, Funky and acid grooves. In the summer of 2004 he played as resident DJ in club Linardo (paros island) along site many famous local Djs. After that his friend Pascal (Deejay) included him in “Majestic crew” where Manolaco played in some of the hottest local clubs like Home, Club 22, Hilton (Athens), Motel, Danza, Plus X amongst international House artists like Kenny Carpenter, Mateos & Matos, Kenny Hawks, Roger Sanchez, Mr. V, Onsulade and many more.

In the year 2006 his was musically influenced by his good friend Lorenzo (BLEND) which resulted in his turn to Electronic House with funky elements. This development gave him the opportunity to participate in few Blend events at clubs like FUZZ, LUV, Shadow, Ammos, Blend Club (Athens) and Cavo Paradiso (Mykonos), next to artists like Richie Hawtin, Ali Dubfire, Gaiser, Magda,Troy Pierce, Terry Francis, Ray Okpara, Nekes, Matthias Tanzmann, Raresh, Kreon & Lemos.

2010 was a year of studio dedication, inspiration and creativity for Manolaco. His fresh ideas were nicely put together with his rocking beats and managed to finish fifteen quality house tracks, some of them with his other music half and good friend Ikee in well known labels such as Monique Musique, Unlock Records, Greelpound, Akbai Music, Arjaus Records, Datagroove and Sound Mass. The outcome of this effort was a massive support by many international artists including: Ronan Portela, Ariel Rodz, Marco Carola, Alexis Cabrera, Urss, Someone Else, Anja Schneider, Nic Fancioulli, Jay Tripwire and Utku Dalmaz to name a few.

In 2011, Manolaco is more mature and more confident than ever his ability to plan and look forward into new things brings him amongst a

new challenge – a residency in Blend’s new project called “On Off”. It is no surprise that those events are more than successful and Manolaco’s popularity has exploded into the local scene.

2012 was a massive year for Michalis dj career so far and there is no doubt that his future into the electronic scence looks very promising for him and it just has started…

2013 is the year that Manolaco explodes his career in the local scene of Greece. He is touring all over the country rocking every place that he is playing. With the extremely big support from his fanatic crowd he is now definitely one of the leaders in what greek audience calling Techno House.

What is next? Well, the future is looking very promising for Manolaco as he continues joins Blend’s huge artist roster among world’s top international djs and producers.


Manolaco – Yeah (original mix) / Homage Rec.
Manolaco – Hello House (original mix) / Akbal Music
Manolaco – Bobbo (re-edit) / Akbal Music
Manolaco – Yo (original mix) / Homage Rec.
Manolaco – Your Black Eyes (original mix) / Homage Rec.

Ikee and Manolaco – Stupid (original mix) / Unlock Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco – Beam me up (original mix) / Arjaus Rec
Ikee and Manolaco – Filaraki (original mix) / Arjaus Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco – Jazzu (original mix) / Sound Mass Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco – Disco La (original mix) / Unlock Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco – Concept (original mix) / Unlock Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco – Funk off (original mix) / Greelpound Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco – Frank’s Nos (original mix) / Greelpound Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco – Guitar (original mix) Sound Mass Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco – Miss You (original mix) Sound Mass Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco – Heart Lover (original mix) Sound Mass Rec.


Berik M. & Camilo – Cenote Dive (Avgoustino & Manolaco mix) Blaq Rec.
Manolaco – Bobbo (Pol On mix) Akbal Music
Alexis Cabrera – Miss Miss (Ikee and Manolaco mix)
Ikee and Manolaco – Disco La (Alex Medina mix) Unlock 027


Ikee and Manolaco – Re Turn (original mix) Datagroove Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco – House U (original mix) / Monique Musique
Ikee and Manolaco – Snow Show (original mix) Datagroove Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco – Emmanuella
Ikee and Manolaco – Big Room
Ikee and Manolaco – White Leaf
Ikee and Manolaco – Love me
Ikee and Manolaco – Deep a lot
Ikee and Manolaco – On Board
Ikee and Manolaco – Let’s go back

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