ALEX MELIS – Greek Musician, DJ and Music Producer based in Athens.Began his musical career at 8 years old [2003], as he starts to be member in Loutraki Band, learning to play alto horn, trumpet and piano. Trying to maintain the balance of life and electronic music, Alex Melis is now professionally in place for more than 8 years. Born and raised in Corinth, Greece [1995], he started collaborating with all the successful clubs of his
region at the age of 14 [2009], starting with many underground house & techno parties in Corinthia and in many regions all over Greece. Alex has already a lot of releases in record labels such as Noevo Records, Clubshine Records, Insider Records, Housearth Records, LAD Publishing & Records and others. Over time, Alex Melis and George Michas are working on their own project called REBOOT [2016]. They plan and organize musical/artistic events and radio shows, having Athens as the main core. They have already worked with the best Greek Djs, as well as international Djs such as Oxia, Nakadia, Detlef, Anfisa Letyago, Dousk, Letizia Carrero, Ozgur Ozkan, No Rabbitz, Manolaco, Dimi Phaze and others.

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