3d Eye Edition Aftermath


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The theme of last year’s Odyssia was titled “3D EYE,” and invited us to experience a journey to empathize empowerment, encourage insight, and highlight intuition as a reflexive tool for managing the originals of life-style instincts. We led to the discovery of the roads that lead to the awakening of the spirit of the species.

* The main vehicle is the highest immaterial form of art, music, and accompanying vehicles, the visual arts and alternative forms of entertainment. The actions took place in a wonderful natural environment, in the picturesque seaside fishing village located in the bay of Schinos, under the imposing Geranian mountains overlooking the Alkyon Islands.

Through three separate musical themed days organized to be experienced by the visitor as part of a complete 3-day trip, the festival explored the origins of electronic dance music culture and traveled us from its deep roots lost in the African deserts, to the most contemporary space cosmic sounds expressing the ecology of the Universe.

This was made possible with the help and guidance of some of the most prolific and popular music producers, Djs and selectors of the international as well as the wider Greek music scene.

For those having the time, we made sure that the Festival’s entrance was affordable to join us for the full weekend experience. The the festival’s doors remained open for those wishing to join us for one or two days of their choice.

The program:

Shlomi Aber
Proudly People
Mikee Harris
Always Late
Dio jr.
Markos Markadonatos
Alex Melis


The doors of the festival are opening.

From early in the morning you will be ready for your final destination, which is the take-off station.

The area will remind a desert… under the hot sun Odyssian teams are preparing their luggage for the long journey…

At the entrance of the festival you will receive the “Pilot’s Book” a user manual, guide and compass to avoid being lost. Do not let this opportunity go wasted.

You will be welcomed by actions that will take you to desert and ascetic life, isolation, meditation. Interaction facilities are presented within a naive pyramidical architectural philosophy, and invite you to discover them, communicate with your inner self, reveal your opinion to it and share with it your most secret secrets, your darkest desires, your great truths. Your truth.

The sea remains a generous oasis where we can taste its healing nature at any time.

As the sun sets in the wilderness the musical flowers make their appearance more and more dynamic and show us the way to the take-off station. The crew will unite on the dancefloor and will share the memories of the day with internationally renowned names of the electronic dance music scene.

NEVERDOGS, SHLOMI ABER and PROUDLY PEOPLE choose their favourite tunes for the occasion, the musical journey begins and leads us to destinations beyond time. The moon is at its closest distance from the sun. Cosmic Techno sounds are reproduced by the upgraded Cariocas handmade sound system and the countdown for the first flight of the spacecraft begins.


Anja Schneider b2b Cassy
Premiesku (LIVE)
Sotiris Soulfellaz Anastasiou
Nadja Panagou

FB EVENT : https://www.facebook.com/events/234754430618554/

Saturday finds the Odyssians having already made their first flight and full of experience and enthusiasm to return to Cariocas’ ark for rebuilding and strengthening forces.

Some will have already returned home with a unique experience in their luggage until the next time, some will stay and welcome the new passengers on the SPACE ODYSSEY flight.

With the help of the Odyssians who have returned from their first flight just a few hours ago, the new visitors will harmonize with the climate and will board with us on the long journey.

The doors open at 9am and the day starts with a therapeutic space-frequency shower to get into the mood.

Planetary, cosmic, and extra-cosmic frequencies will spill the atmosphere while creativity will reach its climax. Writing workshops, talks, and dialogues, speech programs, mind games that flirt with sarcasm, humor and love, visual works and actions, invite us to extend ourselves beyond our earthly dimension.

Between moments of relaxation on the mountain and the sea, we get in contact with our travel companions, share memories, create art, play fanciful games, and leave behind the last remnants of the masks we wear in our everyday lives and we will be ready for the final destination of the day which is the take-off station.

The moon continues the course of its return to earth. At home. Music is the driving force and the engines get ahead with full thrust. We celebrate intuition, consciousness, insight, all of female genes. Two women starring. The stars of the world music scene and contemporary ” priestesses” of Techno ANJA SCHNEIDER and CASSY take over the cockpit.
The space crew balances with the male trio PREMIESKU (Livio, Roby and George G) on the steers and the Space Odyssey begins…


We made our first flight, we reached the universal ends, we flirted with the sun and the moon and it’s time to return home.

What is the ideal home?

A home full of love, childish smiles, grateful for happy cohabitation, the opportunity for allegiance and understanding, a house that opens its doors and celebrates adult innocence, selfless interest, realization of dreams, a home experiencing the beauty of truth, a home full of games, music, dancing, joy, our own home, the Odyssian home!

The Sunday of Odyssia is dedicated to home and family.

We will take off again, this time towards our centre, seeking contact with the family.

Odyssia hosts the ideal project that could make all of the above, a reality: Balloonation.

A few words about Balloonation:

Balloonation is the most important and the most ambitious project of Odyssia’s founding team, and this is the focus of its contribution to children through a series of charity activities inspired by the legendary family parties that began in the 70’s in the Loft of New York by a wonderful man, David Mancuso, who is our mentor.

The overall experience is a playful prism that reflects the phrase “We are all children!”.

• We create the pleasant climate that will welcome the child we all hide inside and invite it to come out.

• We enter a fairy-tale world, we dance, we laugh, we have fun, free of our everyday life routines.

• We cleanse our minds and keep it open, so it can get new information and a different perhaps perception – approach to how simple and how easy it is to become better people.

On the basis of this prism is the fourth prism, the music, which takes care of the activation of its peak, with the help of the sources of light, the sun, the disco ball with the thousand mirrors that reflect the colors, the colorful flags, garlands of lights and of course the balloons and the people who adopt each one of them, while we all travel together in a festive dimension outside the established ones, discovering ourselves and our relationship with what we call life.

For more info in Balloonation please click here: https://bit.ly/2IW15Y5


Line up:

Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy
George Fameliaris

The doors open at 9 am for all our friends, both young and old. The first Odyssian families arrive at the festival.

From early morning, exercises of physical and spiritual well-being, Pilates and yoga for children and adults come in harmony with music selections and create the right atmosphere for activating empathy and the continuation of the journey.

The games in the sea and the festival area interfere with the talks of our scientific collaborators, psychotherapy, ecology, theater, visual arts, creative games and workshops build up our appetite, while recognised chefs care to satisfy it by catering our delicious food.

As the sun falls, the young children continue to play, entertain themselves and socialize in the specially designed fairytale world created according to our amazing team of cooks that know hot to read mysterious game recipes, the pop-up stores create the local market, and a little further the World Cup’s final dominates and invites us to participate in the joy of the greatest ball game with live description from the festival area and many surprise gifts for the young and the old!

As the sun sets, the LOVESICK duo, Cariocas’ residents for 20 years and inspirers of Balloonation, choose cosmic music and interpret them in their own way, causing vibrations in the air and warming the dancefloor to welcome Colleen COSMO Murphy, David’s close friend and collaborator, the selector of the night!

The music gets louder, the dance begins, young and old we all become one, an Odyssian family that shares love and declares present in the hope and power we have to make happier, more conscious the people around us and even farther, starting from within, playing and learning to have a good time primarily with our own inner child.

The best in a party always happens in the end, so stay as late as possible, experience the whole journey, ideally wake up with us and enjoy on Monday the calm sea of our small bay that will accompany us to the decompression as we will recall the magical moments that we will have lived all the previous days of the festival.

We will start our return to everyday life having some of the magic dust of the festival in our luggage to sprinkle it every day and regenerate the simplest and most beautiful joys of our lives until the next time we meet again. The festival may be over, but summer is just beginning.

The Odyssey continues!

A reason that made the 3d edition even more special, is that in Summer of 2018 we celebrated the 20yrs anniversary of the Cariocas Beach Bar!

Follow Cariocas on facebook and keep yourself posted with the events taking place every year as part of one the most significant venues in the history of dance music culture and one of the most loved and for many the most historic iconic beach bar in Greece!