The Story of the Cariocas and its Sound System

Cariocas 1st generation

Fallen in love with the location, the “Papas family” built their first house in Schinos bay in 1984 by their own hands after bombarded the left side of the bay. In 1998 the Papa family built their “House on the Beach”, also in Schinos. The construction is expanding around a very basic old cement block that used to be a groceries store back in the days.


(anecdote photo of the first phase of the Cariocas construction, year 1998)

The decision was taken on 25th of March of 1998, and took an incredible 3 and a half months of intensive designing and carpentering work literally on a 24/7 basis, to finish the main construction as known up today, except only when heavy rains wouldn’t allow the works keep going, since Cariocas is a 90% open air construction made all out of Swedish wood.

With a genuine love for old school underground sound systems, the club was equipped with JBL scoops and satellite speakers power by 20Kw QSC amps resulting in the distinctive 80s quality sound feel.

Cariocas 2nd generation – The Soundsystem

On 2010, Papa family decided to reconstruct the Cariocas , due to the fact saturated wood didn’t exist on 1998 and the club being located literally 6 meters from the sea shore, it was a miracle it had survived a 10 years “Odyssey” already. Using Swedish saturated wood this time, the in-house club was reinforced with sound proof natural materials, mostly wicker weaved with matting. That improved dramatically the sound feel, and the venue’s psycho-acoustics went totally to a new level thus providing a unique sound experience for the clubbers attending the parties.

In the same time, Petros first heard of “Bill Pal speakers”, in an Athens record shop named 360; one thing brought the other and due to short of cash because of the total rebuilt, Sunshine Pedro (Odyssia’s founder) and Bill Pall (the speakers designer), decided on building the dancefloor and the outdoors satellite speakers first and move on with the subwoofers and the amplifiers (also hand made custom), to complete the system in the following season.Unfortunately, Bill Pal passed away before the completion of the project, but you can feel his energy and soul coming out of his speakers; he speaks to us through them every day since then.


Cariocas booth have quite a reputation amongst the DJs who have performed live during the last 20 years. From Frankie Knuckles to David Morales, Tim Regisford to Louis Vega, and last year’s headliner admissions of Dj Harvey, Francois K, Body and Soul, Gilles Peterson to name a few, they all have a special word to say about the Cariocas booths and the vibes they generate.
Cariocas both are equipped with the Bozak CMA 10 – 2DL and Integral Sound sdx3700 rotary mixers for more than a decade.


3d Generation of Cariocas Soundsystem

New ideas and prototype sound constructions which shall lead to the 3d generation of the Cariocas Soundsystem have been tested during the inaugural edition of the festival. The efforts continue this year with the same passion and flame that characterizes the organizers,  in search of the perfect Odyssian sound.

Odyssia continues!