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‘’The unassuming Leeds DJ/producer has little regard for tempo or genre. He just wants to please himself’’.

Although house, techno and dubstep are being woven ever more tightly together, few producers have the genuinely unbiased output of Midland. His music spans Washed Out, Stateless and Caribou remixes; house, garage and bassier affairs (sometimes on the same EP); and it gets played—and praised—by the likes of Sasha and Braiden. Accordingly, the Leeds-based producer’s DJ sets are just as unpredictable. “I love Lawrence, Bibio, Radiohead,” says Harry Agius, enthusiastically. “And Workshop stuff. And Laid Records. Plus I’ve grown up with a revered view of the R&S horse.”


As the list goes on, there’s no unifying it, but one thing does become clear: Midland is still very much exploring the electronic world around him. He has no single agenda, no diehard principles. He’s just making music that pleases him.