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Perhaps it’s their talent to find that typical groove that has been so widely acclaimed. Or maybe it’s their ability to connect musical styles spanning over more than 5 decades (and continents) into their sets in such a way that you’re always curious to hear what comes next. Or maybe it could be because they’re always on the move, searching for that new thing to challenge themselves in their productions and live sets.

Whatever it is, it’s keeping them rather busy. The boys are as much enthusiastic record diggers and synth haunters as they are lovers of modern day electronic music. With their position as curators of the Amsterdam house playlist for 22tracks they share their love for house music. This also goes for their own club night: ‘The Great Escape’, where they get to invite some of their favourite artists as well as any young talent that takes their ear. Having recently released the EP In Reverse on their very own Heist Recordings, they show no sign of stopping the party.