30 years of friendship connects Sunshine Pedro and Odysseas Bill, the creators of The Lovesick.

Grew up listening to music next to musicians, djs, composers and producers from all different cultures and places around the world; in the studios, in the clubs, in their journeys, in their most personal moments, music has always been there.

For 18 continueous years, The Lovesick hold the residency of the “Cariocas House on The Beach Bar”, a venue considered by most to be the corner store of the international house music dance scene in Greece and the venue to host Odyssia Festival 2016.

The Lovesick project is based on a 2 way DJ – instrumentalists setup, with the guys mixing pre recorded music with live music instruments and sounds collected on digital and analogue ‘tanks’, along with percussion, vocals and any element the band feels like it’s got something to say about musicality ..and dance.

In 2012, The Lovesick presented officially their Marathon project, a 12 hour non stop long durational perofrmance. The premiere took place at the Faust Music Theater, one of the trendiest spots of Athens night life during the winter season.

In 2013, thanks to the significant financial support from Red Bull Hellas and their fans, The Lovesick made it possible to be the first Greek act to perform live in South Africa’s international festival Afrika Burn, with their project of Lovesick Marathon taking off to the next level.

Get an idea of how it all started, more or less, at the following link:

In 2016 The Lovesick premiered their project “Earth”, based on Vangelis Papathanasiou Earth album; the 12 minute performance was held at a very special occasion, chosen by Marina Abramovich to be part of her “As One” long durational performance showcase and workshops, hosted by NEO Institute of culture and arts, in Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece.

Currently the Lovesick are working in studio preparing an extended remix of their “Hurry Boy” remix on Toto’s Africa tune, the track can ne heard here https://vimeo.com/84299040 ……along with some more dancing tracks for both their live performance and studio projects. Meanwhile, the guys have been through a first rough cut of the Afrika Burn footage which shall hopefully lead to a documentary film. The footage was filmed in several locations and occasions, across South Africa. Here is a trailer clip https://vimeo.com/120634783, were you can listen to some Lovesick tracks as well.

More music available at: