NickolaDuFunk is not an ordinary music persona. Born in mid-70’s, nurtured with sounds of funk, soul, R’n’B, Disco, Hip Hop, Gospel and fed with love for music. He didn’t keep aligned with the musical trends during his youth and followed the Rave scene during the 90’s.

House was and still is his passion but disco it is what he knows best. Influenced by the styles of the pioneers in DJing, like Ron Hardy, Larry Levan, Nicky Siano, Frankie Knuckles to name a few, and the 90’s DJs like MAW, Todd Terry, DJ Sneak and Derrick Carter. Chicago’s and Detroit dance scene is what intrigues him the most. Besides his weekly web radio show, he is preparing personal re-edits that soon be published in his favorite medium, vinyl.