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Ikee comes from Greece. Watching his dad being a radio producer in his free time, he becomes familiar with music and turn tabling from a very young age – already holding the residency at his hometown’s biggest club at just 16 and later organizing and participating as a DJ in various parties in the heart of Athens.

The following years find him involved in music production as well – after studying music technology, attending seminars on sound engineering and playing the guitar and piano – a passion that would later lead him straight to experimenting by using several music instruments like analog synthesizers & drum machines ,software like logic and Ableton and his love for the low frequencies.

As a frequent London visitor, he gains a lot – both in experience and influences – by going to all the famous clubs of that time like Fabric, Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Turnmills etc. Lost but found, he is coming back to Greece every time to realize that all these techno parties prove to be a school of groove for his productions in the future and so he starts getting more seriously into this whole music thing.

In 2010, comes his first EP in Unlock Records (along with his good friend and music partner Manolaco), a high standard label that proves to be a very good start for an unknown artist like him.

In 2011, an EP in Greelpound follows and one of his tracks gets remixed by Urss, making its way to number 22 at Beatport’s top 100 for 5 weeks.

In the same year, his dedication and hard work really start to pay off. A release in Arjaus gets maximum attention as the great Marco Carola includes Ikee & Manolaco’s – “Part Mute” in his RA Podcast and plays it frequently in his gigs around the globe.

2012 is his first year to play abroad in Colmar, France. He plays the opening set for Davide Squilace’s gig – back to back with friend Manolaco, supported by Blend.

Ikee’s music gets released in labels such as : Expectancy Records, Monique Musique, GreelPound, Arjaus, Unlock Records, Soundmass, Datagroove & Not for Us Records.

In 2013, he participates in newly created “Funked Up” project, that is initially based in the southern suburbs of Athens but eventually spreads out and is getting more and more popular.

His latest EP, in collaboration with friend Manolaco, is released in 2014 by Expectancy Records and gets full support – being played by artists like Methodi Hristov, Reelow , Neverdogs at Ibiza radio and many others.

At the same time, one of his dreams comes true as he enters the Blend family, the most serious project of the electronic music scene in Greece.

Nowadays, Ikee is still developing both his production and DJ skills, always adding latest technology machines to his setup or getting ready for his next gig near you. And as he likes to put it “it is only just the beginning”.