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Aris Von became fast a well-known name in the city of Athens and the underground scene of Techno.

His residency on Dancing In gave him the chance to represent the melodic and groovy Techno music successfully on every event. Always focusing on the crowd and the feelings of his mixes, he became one of the loved club acts in Greece. He produces music, including various elements, giving emphasis on Housey and Deep Techno styles, creating a special sound which gave him full support from local and international artists!

In 2016 his first official release “Fire” EP (Dancing In) including a remix from Steve Sai, achieved to hold the 41st place on the chart of Top

100 Minimal releases on Beatport for 14 days. As he moved to England, he started to collaborate with international talented producers, finding his musical identity, gaining more fans and knowledge around the music industry which made him work at a fast pace, wanting to give all of his best for his believers and supporters.

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