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Vassilis and Petros have been friends since their early childhood.

7 years ago, they started the Lovesick.

It’s totally karmic.

Let’s keep it short.

One of the most accredited summer clubs of Greece, with a history of 20 years, Cariocas House on the Beach, is their residency.   

Founders of Odyssia Festival, the largest international festival dedicated to electronic dance music ever held in Greece.

The first to launch the Global Battle of the Bands in Greece, the world’s most significant music talent competition for live performance bands  

The first Greeks ever to participate at a Burn festival with a music live 14hour marathon performance of their band “The Lovesick”. 

Petros brought Mancuso to the Lovesick and Vassilis brought Ricardo Da Force.

Those are the Lovesick mentors.

The project consists of pure analog sounds and instruments played live and mixed with vinyl selections, mix-mastered out with ad-hoc digital effects. A cinematic atmosphere is created by the two storytellers and shared with the audience. Interaction instantly begins, aiming to “as one”, for all participating to the mystagogy.

From a late night club dance party set to a live act in a museum like in the occasion of Marina Abramović, The Lovesick is a chameleon, kind of vanguard music performance, intrigued by the element of surprise and challenged by the possibilities of improvisation in real time.

Driven by the feel of long durational marathon sets, the artists adjust to the environment and are inspired from the energy streams present in house, to create a unique set, each time they perform live.

Lovesick is not just about music. It’s a way of living. We travel, love, live, cook, dream, play the Lovesick way and share the vibe with our friends and family, around the world.

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